What is Spatial?

The spatial sciences relate to where things are. They are about measuring and representing the world around us. These are the fundamental tasks of surveyors and spatial scientists.

Spatial technologies encompass:

  • satellite technology that collects data
  • GPS systems that tell us where we are
  • mapping systems like Google Earth that turn this data into useful information
  • information analysis for specific purposes.

The Australian Curricula for Geography and Science recognise the rising importance of spatial knowledge and make teaching with spatial technologies an important part of Primary and Secondary education.

Probably without even knowing it, you are familiar with spatial technologies. These are crucial technologies for our modern world that help us to collect and represent information about the world around us. Both the spatial and surveying industries are booming; spatial tools are now more likely to be found on a smartphone or personal computer being used by someone like you, than in a specialist laboratory being used by a technician.